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Monday, July 30, 2012

Milk of Magnesia as Deodorant!

For some reason, God blessed me with one smelly armpit. I know, too much information!  But, if God blessed you with one too, you'll be happy I posted!

For many years I used unscented Mitchum and it worked great.  One day, many years ago, it just stopped working.  I tried natural deodorant crystals and many popular brands but nothing worked very well.  Dove didn't work at all. Secret worked for awhile and so did Sure. But, nothing was working 100%, plus they all left white residue all over my shirts.  I searched the Internet and came across a whole bunch of posts about people using Milk of Magnesia.  The posts sounded too amazing to not give it a try.  

I purchased Phillips' Milk of Magnesia--ORIGINAL (don't get the flavored kind).  The posts I read said the generics would work fine but I was not taking any chances and went with Phillips' brand.

The posts were all saying to use your fingers to dab it onto your underarms but I was like "Eew, no thanks!  I'll use cotton!"

I showered last night, SHOOK THE BOTTLE, and dabbed some Milk of Magnesia on with a "swissper" (those cotton rounds sold in drug stores) but I found that they fell apart...and sucked up a lot of the Milk of Magnesia.  So, I used one for one underarm and another for the other.  I let my underarms dry...it took awhile because I think I put too much on.

This morning, I got up and intentionally did not shower.  I dabbed a very thin coat coat of the Milk of Magnesia on with my finger tips.  Wow, a little goes a long way when you use your fingertips!  It also dried much faster.

I put on the shirt that gives me the most trouble...every time I wear it, a few hours later I am like "Eew, I smell!"  It must be that it is made of polyester and my body only likes silk. ;-)

Anyway, I got through the entire day and smelled fresh as a daisy.  I couldn't believe it!!!  It is now 12:46am and I still smell fresh.

Added bonuses:
-there is no residue from Milk of Magnesia so I think I am not going to have a problem with the white residue on my clothes 
-it is unscented. I am allergic to fragrances so this is perfect!
-it is WAY cheaper than conventional deodorants

I will write another post after a few weeks of use to let you know how it is going.  But, as of right now, my assessment is that Milk of Magnesia was sent from the Gods!

I'm NOT plugging this. I have no idea if it is good or bad but I just found this online and figured I should mention it:  The People's Pharmacy sells Milk of Magnesia deodorant:  http://www.amazon.com/Magnesia-Roll-On-Deodorant-Peoples-Pharmacy/dp/B004GBFGG2

**Don't refrigerate it or freeze it.**
**Only use ORIGINAL** 
**Always shake the bottle before applying**
**Apply with your fingers, rather than cotton**
**Always let the Milk of Magnesia dry before getting dressed**

Update:   I LOOOVE this stuff!!  No matter what I have done, how stressed I have been, the Milk of Magnesia just does not let odor through.  I'm giving this stuff 5 stars!

Update: Yesterday I did an experiment...unwillingly.  I was running late for work so I didn't let the Milk of Magnesia dry completely (which would have taken another 30 seconds...I should put it on and then pick out my clothes or brush my teeth or something).  Last night, I did the sniff test and I noticed a SLIGHT smell.  Nothing like it used to be but definitely something TEENY TINY.  So, I think the key is to really let it dry before getting dressed....if you are in a rush, run a cool hair dryer (think Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan!) under your arms for a few seconds.


  1. MoM still works for you?. please reply

  2. If you encounter 'the stink' again, a quick swipe with rubbing alcohol makes it disappear (it kills the odor producing bacteria). Then you can put your MoM on again.

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  4. No need to use the "original". I buy mine at the dollar store and re-fill a roll-on deoderant bottle from the same store. Hint-you STILL have to bathe!

    1. How did you get the deodorant container open?

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  6. Are you still using this today?

  7. You have saved me so much embarrassment. I go to classes at my university everyday and have to endure the embarrassing stares and nose touches. I just turned 22 and all of a sudden my body chemistry has changed. I leave the house and 30mins later I smell bad.

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